Kids get chance to show compassion to others

 The 1Step2Step children are often in need of your prayers and compassion, so this post will be refreshingly different, about them sharing their love and compassion to others. Our sweet friend Amy, who used to volunteer with us, working with the kids back in 2013 and 2014, is missed now she is back in the USA. 

We were saddened to hear that Amy was ill and wanted her to know she was loved by us, even though we are miles and miles away. Amy cared about both the kids and Nicola in our highs and lows when she was here. She has even shown her love to us with gifts too, sending care packages with treats and much needed items.  We wanted to wish her a full recovery, so she could get back to pursuing her training dreams to be an occupational therapist. We love the idea that after being with us here in Thailand she was inspired to undertake retraining. We hope and pray nothing comes between her and that plan, as we think she would be great at it, blessing other children with newly found skills.

Also, on hearing that our charity’s friend, Phil, was injured at work and having surgery on his eye, the kids and I created cards for both these lovely people. 




We used the elephants we had previously painted on material and sent sweet messages of speedy recovery and health. As the children had a strong relationship with Amy and missed her, they added some extra marks of love. We sent both cards with some little items as gifts to aid the lifting of spirits or as comforts while recovering. We were over the moon to know they had arrived. Extra thanks are added to the family members who helped get the postal addresses to make this surprise possible. 

Nicola Anderson

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