In memory of Siwanad

As you may have seen from previous news posts, Siwanad, one of our boys who had moved on to the older boys home passed away on the 17th November 2017. Siwanad was a young man with such a lovely nature that captured many people who met him through the years. We have created a montage of…

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Through sadness comes joy

1Step2Step were sad to hear that their dear friend Laura Whitehead passed away in August from complications of her cerebral palsy. Laura had similar difficulties to the children that 1Step2Step work with to support their progress. Laura greatly helped Nicola to understand the difficulties of the condition and the value of communication. Laura’s family were…

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Working with Miss K

        Sweet little Miss K is the newest member to the 1Step2Step group and as such is much like a new book to read. Getting to know her personality and what motivates her to play and develop is one of the main tasks with new children. It’s clear with her that there is…

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