A VIP comes to work

The orphanage has many visitors, some from schools or companies and some are just families donating, because it’s a family member’s birthday. Sometimes we get a warning of the visit and sometimes we don’t. There are some very important senior people who visit and others are average Thai visitors. Normally, the VIPs give warning, but…

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Good news for Miss K

  After two weeks or so, Miss K has been released from the isolation room back to the ward. After X-rays, skin tests and saliva samples checked by the top specialist, Miss K and all the other six buddies have been given a negative result for TB and are free to go back to their…

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Children in Isolation

Please Pray: for Miss K and two others from our ward who were moved to isolation at the sick ward on Tuesday, following X-ray checks. Miss K and Miss Y are very stressed by it. It’s a real heartache to see them so sad. that Miss Y and the other two will eat in their new environment….

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