A Christmas thank you

The 1Step2Step children say a chocolaty thank you to Grace and Susan Newby for their kind and ‘sweet’ gift of Christmas chocolates. The children, ward mums and I are feeling the love. Even Mr B has reluctantly submitted to experience a little white chocolate in his mouth. Miss K is rather keen on this western culture, as it’s her first Christmas in the group. The boys who are tube-fed have been loving the chance to have the sensation of flavour in their mouths and have done really well so far. 

Mr G enjoyed some of that white chocolate with some lovely carrot cake bar from Ruth Martin and former volunteers who clubbed together to send some lovely fruity bars. Thank you to all of them for these lovely, fruity, moreish bars. Both the girls and Mr G will be able to use these to practice their self feeding skills and hand to mouth movements. As there were so many, we have shared them with the children in Supanika ward (children who have milder effects from their cerebral palsy) to enjoy also. All these children thank you greatly. The foil space blankets that were also included in the gift will go down really well with the ward… making the boring hours that bit more fun and sensory.


Thank you to all for the kindness of treats this Christmas. If anyone else is keen to spoil these children in some way please drop us a note and Nicola will happily give you ideas.

Nicola Anderson 


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