A glorious night of music and culture for Mr C


Nicola was blessed by NNR to be assisted to take Mr C to a wonderful evening of choirs singing with  brass band accompanying them. We were able to attend the International School of Bangkok’s wonderful event and have special seats reserved for us, making this trip easy with door-to-door transport and wheelchair accessible seats. Mr C had a wonderful time, smiling and giggling at the drama of the timpani drums and the songs of different styles sung by the four different choirs. Mr C also enjoyed the moments of silent anticipation as a choir was about to sing that first note. For a young man who lives in an orphanage ward with 50 other children and also staff, he rarely, if ever, hears what silence is. 

He had just the best time and on the journey home was laughing and cooing when the driver asked if he had enjoyed it. 

Thank you to Mare and ISB team and performers for giving him such a lovely evening. 

Nicola Anderson

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