A happy day on the ward

Although we have our difficulties, we play similar games to other children, from Bubbles to toy cars, matching memory games and spinning toys. The only difference is really that our children are positioned and doing activities while enjoying a toy which work muscles that have challenges. 

Little Miss K worked out how to pull out her clips from her hair and worked on feeding herself hand over hand on a whole bowl of blended noodles. Mr S is learning his numbers and matching the same ones, as well as pincer gripping toys. Mr B is learning to follow directions, to play for longer spells of time and complete tasks. Today he even coped when the toy he wanted to play with was removed. A task of posting big buttons had to be completed and then he got it back. Miss N is learning to choose her activities from her objects of reference choosing board and then adding it to her now and then board. This is helping her to not just shout frustrated loud sounds. She presently prefers choosing the spoon. I believe she is slowly getting the idea that the object relates to the activity or place.  


Mr G could do with your continued prayer as his collarbone fracture is still healing. He is back on our ward now. He has pain meds but it’s hard for staff to know when to give them as he can’t say. My general feeling is that if he is crying for an unknown reason, then it’s possibly his arm. The other issue he has is that his right hamstring has got tight from bad posture and lack of stretching time. He gets his legs all knotted up and gets stressed in the cots. Please pray for him. Mr C continues to love time sitting and playing and his time in the standing frame and today stayed awake.   

The biggest deal of the day was Mr B taking three steps unaided from the ball to me. This happened twice before I got the camera and I caught a further two times, but I need to work on that video to show you another time. Let’s just say there was rather a lot of time coaxing him and him considering it. Even that though was great, because he was  balancing unaided while being propped against the ball which rocks and moves. I think the standing time has been helping. 

Thank you all for caring about us. Keep watching.

Nicola Anderson


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