A sad anniversary – but pray with us in 2018

It is the sad anniversary of Nattawat’s passing away two years ago today. It was a sudden passing and left us in much shock. He was my first and only child to have passed away, until Siwanad’s recent passing. In thinking of sweet Natty, with his feisty nature and get up and go courage and determination, I’m sad and miss both him and the quiet calmness of Siwanad. I pray they are together in heaven and chatting up a storm. Every child is different and with that comes┬ásadness when they are missed.

Mr S has been unwell these first two days back at work with seizures and today we noted a pressure sore on his ankle bone. Prayer will be gratefully received for that, as it could be the cause of his temperature and seizures. Prayer is also requested for Mr B to calm down and relax again into a routine where he develops more and more positive responses and skills. We would also value prayer for Mr G that he does his stretches willingly, burps up any trapped gas and plays happily. Our prayer for Mr C is that the orphanage order in the milk soon, as the alternative makes him a little too regular. The prayer request for Miss N is for a relaxed nature to loosen up those stiff limbs and finally I would value prayer to have more insight into how to aid Miss K’s progress better.

You may wonder what my prayer request would be for myself… well that is easy…. that there would be enough, time, energy and commitment in me always to aid the children to their greatest successes and for aches and pains to reduce and hinder them less and less.

We are very grateful for your prayer support.

Nicola Anderson

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