A swim for Miss K

Since Miss K has been out of her cast, she has been rather weak and emotionally sensitive. I was told it was important that the legs stay in good lines, so when out with me on the patio she goes in equipment and positions to keep her in a nice turned out posture for her hips, but the variations mean that when she is grumpy in one she gets a change, but is still in a good posture in another.

It’s been my aim to take her swimming, as I’m told the weightlessness and motion is good. She was alright for a while and coping with movement. It’s hard because she has to be held and you need to keep the left leg from turning in. When you help to correct it, she gets fed up. We used the neck collar, the swim ring between knees and some floating cup holders for angles and she was in a great position.

We sat and played with the watering can, put feet against the wall and swayed from side to side, but soon she was too cold for the grumpiness to stay at bay. Showered and dressed, she was in her chair, while I got dressed and back to the ward for food.


Our prayer requests for her are that when we see the doctor this week coming he will be pleased with her progress. Also please pray  for her discomfort to reduce, her strength to build and her muscle memory to improve in holding a better posture too. Please pray for her arms and shoulders too as they have got tight from her arching when her legs ache.


Sadly I wasn’t able to take any photos of swimming, as holding her took all the effort. She was mighty tired afterwards and ate and rested.

Nicola Anderson.



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  1. Lovely to see she is able to do various activities even though it’s hard work for her and you. Looking forward to seeing her progress in a couple of months.

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