A VIP comes to work

The orphanage has many visitors, some from schools or companies and some are just families donating, because it’s a family member’s birthday. Sometimes we get a warning of the visit and sometimes we don’t. There are some very important senior people who visit and others are average Thai visitors. Normally, the VIPs give warning, but on some occasions they do not.

One very important visitor, the representative of the new King of Thailand was set to come on one particular day and arrived for a preparatory vist two days early. This caught me off guard in the midst of a chaotic hour, when nappies needed changing and other children needed stretching, while mischief happened in other areas on the mat. I did my best to be polite and culturally respectful when in the thick of this muddle. He asked me about my work and what the children were doing. (On this occasion it was DVD watching day, where the children use the different equipment to get different stretches, while watching Mr Bean, Total Wipe Out and other fun cartoons or movies.) He explained that he was coming back.

He did come back another day and I was told I must be there and to feed one of my children the food that had been donated. Mr G was happy to oblige in that and did his stretching well before the visitors arrived and was happy and co-operative. Mr B was in the stander to watch the nice cars coming and going and was calm. On this occasion, the representative  informed me that the office was not far from the orphanage and that I should go there sometime. I said thank you and he moved on to meet others.


The next day I’m told I was as clear as day on the TV on channel 3 of Thai TV in the ‘What did the Royals do today’ segment.


I was going to write this post and had not got round to it, when an extra part was added to the story today. The army officer who had accompanied the VIP representative popped by to get my phone number to organise when going to visit the office would suit me. This caught me off guard and so I guess it’s watch this space to see if that happens.

An added funny part was that the ward mums misunderstood me trying to explain what happened and thought the army officer was getting my number for romantic reasons for either himself or his boss. This was a funny and confusing ‘lost in translation’ moment.

Nicola Anderson


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