Back on UK soil and preparing for visitors

After arriving back in the UK just over 3 weeks ago, I am finally managing to write a catch up.

On arrival home, we kindly received nappies, medical milk and a beautiful wheelchair with minion wheel guards that had been donated. We are also blessed with a kind friend’s help to take it back to Thailand. They are travelling business class, so have enough luggage allowance. Please pray for the chair as it first travels by mail to Aberdeen and then to Thailand. Pray it is handled with care.


We continue in our planning for the study tour, which will take place on 20th to 27th May 2018. We are thankful that all the visits have been confirmed and we just have a few details to organise. We are blessed with three host mums who are experienced at having our visitors. Please pray for the logistics and timings for the trips, as well as for the hearts of those coming to be open to the new ideas and ways.

The group of seven are excited and are waiting to receive their visas. There had to be a substitution of one of the group for someone else. Sadly the head social welfare officer was taken ill, two days before applying for the visa, and was admitted to hospital. She was diagonosed with a heart issue. Please pray for her strong health. One of the social workers was able to substitute and get her paperwork submitted in time. Pray that the group do well without a senior member of staff on the team.



We also are trying to finalise the children’s four days holiday to Huahin beaches in August. We are struggling in a few ways with this, but regardless have trust that God will work it all out. Although we have had up to 18 people interested to be a one-to-one carer for one of the six children from our group, we only have four confirmed. For many, they or a family member has had a medical issue or their work has not made it possible. We know God loves the children and wants them to have the best holiday ever, so will work it out for the perfect team to care for them. Presently we have two who are checking with bosses.


The other challenge has been contact with the hotel. It’s the same hotel from 2013’s trip. This place is wonderful for our children: the room is on the ground floor and has the space for the kids’ sleeping mats and wheelchairs. They were replying to emails, but when I had the dates and contacted them, they have not replied since. This is a big need for us to get sorted, so after contacting them several times, I looked into whether rooms were free on Agoda (the hotel room site online) and they were. I decided to book them anyway, stating our extra people needs in the additional information box. It confirmed, but the hotel have still not got back to me and I’m still talking with Agoda instead of the hotel. Please pray for both of these issues with us for God to work on hearts to embrace these children for a holiday of dreams for them.




While here in England, I have seen the children via webcam once, which was lovely. They were all at that time in their normal ward, but I did hear Mr S has had a short stay in sick ward since I left, but that is not unexpected. Please continue to pray for their health and strength and for the ward mums and Jessica looking after them without me. We know they are loved by God.

It’s been good to take time to meet with different members of the 1Step2Step team to consider improvements, such as to the website pages. We are grateful to people who come and read these blogg updates and are keen to make the website as inviting as possible. These conversations are not easy to have from different sides of the world, so it’s great to make the most of time together here.

Trustees Sally, Helen and John

We thank God for every chance to share about the charity’s work while in the UK. We are grateful to be the St. Thomas’s Church Lancaster mission support partner for this month and so will have a chance to speak at two of their services next week. We are also looking forward to sharing with the Lions association in Edinburgh in June too. If you are in a group that meets together, such as a church group or youth group or Women’s institute for example, feel free to contact us. We are always keen to share with new contacts and keep you up to date on what we do and our prayer requests.

Nicola Anderson

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