Blessing of willing and helpful hands

After the opportunity to talk at the school a week or so back, I was contacted by one of the teachers from the school asking if her visiting cousin could volunteer with me for a day or two. I asked if she might be willing to help clean and be hands off with the children as that was really what I needed and she was willing. We got the orphanage paperwork and approval completed, then yesterday she came. Yesterday she helped me for the afternoon and today for the full day. Time really flew on both days and she was such a blessing, working so hard that we lost track of time both days.


Alli had not had experience before with children with disabilities, but had volunteered before in orphanages in other countries. Her faith was clear to see, as was her willingness to let God call the shots.

She was a big hit with Mr B, to the extent he was very clingy and obsessed with giving her his shoes and socks for her to put on in the hope she would take him for a walk.


It was a dream today to get the cupboards back in order and the supplies reachable again. The chaos has been that way since we got back from the Huahin holiday and the hospital stays meant there was no time to catch up on these tasks. It took us all day to fully slog through it, cleaning and wiping everything, and organising. There is no way I would have managed it all on my own and it’s harder to do alone, because the guilt of not having the children out weighs on my heart intensely. Today I was able to get on because we were chatting all the time.


Here is a quote from Alli of what she thought of her time helping….( they are far too complimentary to me, but gives glory to God.)

“I’ve spent the past two days at an orphanage for children with disabilities, where I met one of the most incredible women I have ever had the honor to know, Nicola. The first day I spent with 6 children who Nicola takes care of, helping with their daily routine, playing with toys, and even having a little Christmas photo shoot. It was a new experience and I loved every second. Today, Nicola and I spent all day taking everything out of these cabinets, cleaning, sorting medical supplies, and organizing so that Nicola has easier access to the things she uses most. Nicola has been at the orphanage for over 12 years. She moved from England and dedicates her life to taking care of these children and loving them wholly. In just two days, she has shown me what it looks like to do the work God calls you to do with everything you’ve got. These children are people too, they know what’s going on around them, and they need care and love but have a different way of communicating it. I praise God for Nicola and her obedience to what He has said to do.”

To be honest, Miss K was stressing me out quite a bit, as she was not in the leg brace and her posture was awful. My heart ached. A compromise was found in the afternoon with the physio’s help. There will be an update on that in the near future.

Thanks again to Alli for her help as well as the physio’s.

Nicola Anderson.




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