Miss N

It’s with great sadness that I pass on the news I received late on Sunday evening 8th November 2020 that Miss N had passed away on the previous Friday.  She had become ill a few days before and was taken to hospital, where sadly she didn’t get better from her stomach bug. Miss N was not a…

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Nicola’s update

  Greetings from a rather dormant 1Step2Step! If you have been wondering why there has been so little information about what we are doing, you may need to watch the video in the previous post. I hope that will explain better the situation for us as a charity. Watch that to get greater understanding. As…

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Mr C

Mr C had ten days in the new orphanage where the staff on the sick ward had quickly warmed to him. He was on the sick ward because he was tube fed and regularly needed suction. He was known to have an animated and happy personality and was quite easy to care for while he…

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