Breakfasts in Wales to Benefits in Thailand

1Step2Step are grateful to the Williams family from Wales for their wonderful fundraising breakfast where they cooked and served over 80 breakfasts raising £732. This impressive amount will help 1Step2Step continue to bring life improving opportunities to the children at Bann fueng fah, home for disabled babies in Thailand. Thanks to all who helped to make this fundraising event a success.

We also look forward to the family’s visit and volunteering in July this year. The two daughters were adopted from Thailand many years ago and while the family take the chance to see the girls’ birth country again, they are coming to help 1Step2Step after hearing about us through another adoption family. They will be able to help Nicola in practical ways: one day of help cleaning the equipment and a few days with children out on trips. Nicola is also looking forward to poaching ideas from Tracey’s wisdom as a physiotherapist.

More on that after they return from Thailand.

Thank you again for this wonderful support of our work.

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