Buddy time

The kids have been especially social recently. Mr B is a great help and really enjoys interacting. While he has been on the weaker side recently and has been yawning more, he has also been very social.


I asked him to help me and give Miss A back the soft vibrating book she had thrown on the floor, so he bum shuffled over and threw it back up to her…. at which she threw it straight back down and laughed. This handing up and throwing it down continued for about 15 minutes and neither got bored. Mr B was laughing as he saw her grab for the book and was anticipating it. At times Miss A was throwing it and then keeping her hand up to bat it away, so it could not land on her lap, but Mr B worked that out. The giggles were so sweet.


Miss K and Miss N both needed to do some tummy time/ prone lying, which neither really enjoys at first. Their grumps and moans alternated. When one was loud and expressing her dislike, the other would raise her head to listen. When she stopped, the other would start expressing her complaints and the listener’s head would pop up.


When they are in chairs or standers, I try to make it so they can play together (sometimes with Mr B standing and playing too) or arrange for them to listen to the noises of each others’ toys.


Often when I work with Mr G for his stretching, I make loads of silly repetitive songs or noises, even pretending to eat his toes when doing the dreaded hamstring stretch. When I look round, they are all smiling and anticipating the sounds. When Mr G does his face to face straight leg sitting, we do the rolling arms to the jaws attack song and get faster with the arms (which gets him to hold his head up strong while shoulders are loose) and they are all giggling to this one.


Other times I’m working with someone or positioning someone else and I see two children have rolled and squiggled together and are playing with each others’ toys or even just their hands.

Sometimes when I’m working with Miss N on stretching or sitting alignment, Mr B will come over to sit close and reach and hold her hand. The other day she was sat crossed legged and he came and sat behind her with a leg on either side and held her shoulders with me. To be honest, she was perplexed about how that was happening and it didn’t last more than five minutes or so, but was so sweet. I didn’t have the camera to capture it and didn’t feel he would hold her for long enough in this position for me to get it, but boy did I want to.

Miss K is doing well through the on-going treatment for her hips and is being placed in various positions, one of which uses the lazy boy chair. When I was bringing out Miss A one day, we greeted others of the group as I carried her, as we often do so they can see who is out to play. As Miss A is light and Miss K was well supported, I let them have a cuddle together and Miss A sat on Miss K’s lap. They were so happy for the closeness and it was very sweet.

Mr B’s willingness to collect nappies to put in the bin (even independently) is so helpful and he just loves the praise he gets.

So, all in all, this blog is really to tell you how much I absolutely love their sweet spirits and natures and I hope that God will remind me of this, even when they are driving me insane with defiance and grumpy growling.

Thank you for the prayers for them. Keep it coming, because progress and strength is slowly but surely coming through for all of them.

Nicola Anderson.

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  1. Lovely to hear that the children have been enjoying one another’s company.

  2. Oh Nicola. Thanks for this post. It warms my heart to read it. Blessings John

  3. Great news. So happy to see that they can enjoy playing together especially when not instigated by you. Shows they really enjoy each other’s company. Wonderful to hear Mr B is really helping and enjoying it.

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