Showing compassion

Today I was involved in a moment that left me wondering, “Is compassion innate and built into our being or learnt?” It’s a standard nature versus nurture question. I hear you all thinking, “Oooh, what could have made Nicola go all philosopher on us?” Well let me tell you. On the ward where I work…

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The bigger picture

This blog post is unlike many previous blog posts. This one really is not about what 1Step2Step has been doing in either Thailand or the UK. It is more of a macro view of the progress being made, the steps forward for people with disabilities within the systems that affect them and the hope for…

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Bank holiday cleaning day

When bank holidays come around, I normally take the day off to rest. This time was different.   Instead, a friend, one of the teachers from the school I did a talk for a few months back, asked how she could help. I mentioned that help for a cleaning day is amazing, so she signed…

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Unhealthy air

Many provinces in Bangkok and around us in Thailand are affected at present by major air pollution. Schools are being closed and health effects are noticeable. Our area is listed in the harmful air pollution areas. Please pray for the children in the orphanage to stay healthy (as they seem to be so far) as…

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