Miss ND’s surgery

On the 20th of December 2018 Miss ND had her deep tissue release surgery and requested that I be there as support with Mum, Dad, and Isabelle (the expat French lady who coordinated the donations from expats to help make this possible). We waited for a long time and you would think that would make…

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A swim for Miss K

Since Miss K has been out of her cast, she has been rather weak and emotionally sensitive. I was told it was important that the legs stay in good lines, so when out with me on the patio she goes in equipment and positions to keep her in a nice turned out posture for her…

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Mr S Update

Mr S struggles at his new home but does not go to his eternal home.   On Monday I got news that Mr S had been sick and on Sunday evening was found by staff, supposedly not with any heart beat and had to be given compressions and oxygen. I was told over the phone…

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What about the boys?

In the previous blog post, I spoke about the three girls, who were giving me many extra medical tasks and appointments to see doctors. It seemed that the boys were just hoping to get more of my attention.   Well the day after writing that, I come back from Miss K’s hip cast appointment in…

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