Celebrating the festive season with the CCD Christmas party

Children and young people from the four local orphanages for disabled children were blessed today by the kindness of CCD. There was dancing, singing, performances of the nativity story and masses of food. Miss N, Mr B and Mr G had a wonderful time watching and interacting with many people. Mr B has always struggled with these busy environments, but today his progress was clear to see. He managed the full time at the event and engaged with different people and managed to use a lot of self control. Miss N and Mr G enjoyed tasting all kinds of foods, from sausages, carrot and cabbage to grapes, satsuma and cake. Both had some time out of their chairs dancing with me. Mr B didn’t bring a wheelchair or even his walker. He helped push Mr G’s stroller for me with assistance.

It was a great festive event. Thank you to Khun Wasan and Khun Chariya for such a fun and happy party morning.

Nicola Anderson



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