Chance to be involved in God’s plan of salvation

Out of the blue, one of the staff who came on the study tour asked me on Facebook chat, ‘Nicola, I need name of music that you sing to bless the lord at the church in England.’

Perplexed, I asked her for more information about what she wants to know. It seems that one of the songs she heard sung at the service in St. Thomas’s church in Lancaster touched her and she wished to hear it again. This was back in June 2017, and so my mission was to find out what songs were sung in the service she attended. It was no easy challenge, but I knew the perfect person to ask: Chris Dixon. He was able to find out the full song list and I was able to send her Youtube clips of each one. He is a legend.

‘Nicola when you go to the church. Can I go to the church?’

Well, as you can imagine, my heart jumps for joy at this freely made statement. Being able to be part of this work God is doing is all because she was given the opportunity to go to church while with us in the UK. No pressure or nudging has come from me in any way on my account. I will remember this though and never miss an opportunity to invite someone to church. On this occasion, they were all just arrived in the UK that afternoon and totally jet-lagged, but still God could work.

God is good all the time…. and all the time God is good.


I chat with her at work about it and the new physiotherapist tells me she is a Christian and explains where she goes to church. It turns out she is a Mormon. Before I realised this, I had explained that there were two churches on the same street, but one was Christian and the other Mormon. When she explains that she goes to the Mormon one, I think I’ve really put my foot in it, but she tells me she is confused that our bibles are not the same. I try to explain that all others who say they are Christian have the same bible, but that Mormons have changed it slightly, which changes the whole meaning. She asks if I can show her.

My church in Thailand is an international church, but we have Thai-English bibles. They have permitted me to collect two on Sunday to give to both these ladies.



Join with me praying that both these wonderful opportunities come to a new and true realization of who Jesus Christ is and why he is my Lord and can be theirs. I’m seeing that evangelism is really nothing to do with pushing people, but more enabling the link or witness to others, as and when God nudges their spirit to want him.

FINALLY… I had another encounter which could blossom, so I ask your prayer for this too. One of the others who came to England on the study tour with us is a strong Buddhist and does retreats for mediation and stuff. Her dad has diabetes and recently had wounds on his legs that could not be treated and he had to have a double amputation. Since John went home to Lancaster, I have had the mobility scooter back at my home and I’m unlikely to use it.

I felt nudged to ask her if she thought her dad would find it helpful to use it on a long term loan. He seemed to need a nudge to work hard with his physiotherapy and she felt that would be a great motivation. They are coming to pick it up today (Saturday) and so I seek your prayers that this blessing to them will help them be thankful to God in this. The chance to relate to her and support her in this way could well be an opening to God’s love. Please pray she will think nothing of my part and credit it all to God.



Please pray…

For a growing interest in Christianity by whatever means (music, the bible or through friendships)

For the truth of salvation to be realised

For opportunities and desires for all to want to attend church

For the mobility scooter to be a blessing that God gets the credit for providing and that it’s safely used to bring Dad freedom from his new disability limitations


Praise be to God and thanks to him for this opportunity for 1Step2Step to be witnessing in these different ways. Thanks be to God for the church’s openness to these non-believers to hear.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. What wonderful things are happening as well as the challenges with Mr S health. God works in many different ways his wonders to perform and every day we thank Him for the big and the small gifts He gives us and those around us.

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