Changes for the 1Step2Step children’s health

Miss K bricks

You heard of Mr B’s head injury and Miss N having her first seizure –  well, this week has brought its own children’s health issues. Tuesday, about 4.30, the ward got a call to move Miss K and two others from our ward to isolation at the sick ward.

Last week, the orphanage brought in an X-ray machine and checked every child’s chest. It seems the results are that three from our ward and three from the sick ward had anomalies that need further checking. They needed to be moved in case.

Miss K sitting

They were scooped up and dropped off in a side room, in different strange beds, with different staff, sounds and smells. One of the three from our ward has at least stayed there before but Miss K and Miss Y are very stressed by it. It’s a real heartache to see them so sad. Please pray they will eat.

Next course of action is to get them the BCG skin test tomorrow, then wait 3 days for results to be brought by the doctor to conclude it. All three of ours have surprised us as they are not the children with coughs, chesty rattle sound or loss of weight. I ask your prayers that all three will be cleared.

I ask this particularly for Miss K, as she has a busy couple of months coming. Grace has been prepped for being her carer for the holiday to Huahin in August and September 19th is her hip surgery. If she has got TB then a 6 month isolation season will be inflicted and all of the above cancelled.

Miss K in stroller

Waiting for a new date for surgery and having less physio time would no doubt make the hip joint worse. Also, not going on holiday when everyone else from the group does, and being in the same white room for 6 months will have a major effect on her emotional well-being and attachment.

Please pray for this. Also for the others. Miss Y is reluctant to eat which is a very bad scenario for our kids. Pray she will either get out soon or be able to come to terms with this.

Your prayers are gratefully received.

Miss K lying


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  1. Today mr S stays in sick ward but not the isolation room. he is on oxygen after a seizure. prayers for them both would be great.

  2. Praying Nic! I’m sorry it’s sich a hard time for the kids and therefor for you at this moment. God is great,praying you will all feel he is carrying you

  3. Praying you will get good news for all the children who are unwell at this time soon. Hope they are cleared or recover and continue to take part in the normal activities soon.

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