Child support – in more ways than one!

Nicola Anderson reports:

“Today one of the 1Step2Step children helped the physio, who had been on the DAT trip, with part of her project. She is making cardboard support chairs for the children to get them upright for so many great health reasons. Mr S of my group helped to paint two chairs: one purple and one green. It’s a sort of vocational giving back project. He was very particular about making sure we got every part and pushed hard when encouraged to fill in gaps for the sections we missed. He seemed really satisfied.

It was great timing, because I needed to give him a hair cut, as he was in hospital when the rest had theirs done. So we painted, clipped the hair and showered. Dressing and undressing is quite a physical job, so bundling these messy tasks together for one shower instead of two works well.

He was pleased when Mamuang the Physio came over to inspect his work. He was truly proud to be involved.

We are also grateful to an expat lady from Church, who donated home-made fun-coloured pillow covers for these children. They will now have comfy fun-patterned inserts too. The sick ward babies will be sitting in style.”

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  1. Great to hear of follow-up from DAT and that the children can be involved because it is not just adults doing everything. Well done S.

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