Church ladies visit

On Wednesday 22nd November Jessica, who volunteers on Monday mornings, came with three other ladies from Nicola’s church to meet her wonderful children. The original plan was to take all six of Nicola’s children swimming as we had enough hands and eyes to support the children, but this didn’t come about because the pool is broken. We took the children for a walk, then played on the trampoline and swing bench. They all fell for the children’s charms and saw their wonderful personalities. Although three of the four ladies were nurses, it was clear that the orphanage was different to what they imagined.

Here are some comments from the visitors…

”I felt blessed to have the opportunity to spend some time with these children. They are amazing little souls. Even though we were there to help take them on a small outdoor adventure, I felt it was also a lesson for me. They may not be able to move and talk like us, but they still have so much love to give. I feel honored to have met them.”

Another said… 

“I felt very blessed by our short visit. I am humbled by the amount of joy that those children have in their smiles and in their hearts. It was a fabulous day!”

Another said…

“The kids are adorable and heart breaking at same time.”

The morning was enjoyable and the children enjoyed the interaction and time off the ward. 

Please pray the pool can be fixed soon so Nicola can get the chance to get the kids in the water again. 


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