DAT Evaluation: the hopes before and the dreams after


On the first day of the study tour, we asked the visitors to write on post-it note leaves what they were hoping to see and learn. There were 11 of them attached with similar hopes, such as…

‘I want to find out what is best for kids’

‘The reason why I join this program to go to get knowledge to apply to my work with children at BFF. ‘

‘I want to learn how to work with people with disabilies. I want to learn about social welfare here, want to learn new thing that  can use with my work.’

‘I expect to see innovation and adapt them to my work.’


On the last day at the farewell meal, while we waiting for the rest of the 1Step2Step committee and host mums, the group wrote on flowers what were the best bits and what had they learnt. There were over 30 of these written and almost silence as they wrote and wrote.


Many were messages of thanks to the 1Step2Step team and the host mums. There were some great ones I will quote here…

‘I like everything from day one to the last day. I have learnt things that I’ve never known before.’

‘I learnt about equipment used for people with disabilities, welfare for them and their rights as individuals.’

‘I have learnt how to give treatments to patients and how to take care of them through different activities.’

‘Good welfare leads to good quality of life.’

‘I have learnt that facilities can help people with disabilities improve their quality of life.’

‘I can see the power of mums’ love… they (mums) fight for their children with disabilities.’

‘I have more energy to work with children with disabilities.’

There were a few about the Hospice day, stating they ‘liked it and that it was not scary’ and also one saying that ‘Hospice…. is holistic care where we can comfort them before they die’. Thai culture deals with death and passing away very differently, due to the belief that you get more than one life. All stated how the Butterfly Suite was calming and not what they expected.

The feedback warms my heart and I hope that what the group saw and heard will blossom into action to aid the staff in impacting the children to live quality lives.


Nicola Anderson



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  1. Good to hear the positive comments and I hope we will see ideas taken into their daily work. They were a lovely group of visitors.

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