Day 3 at Bann Fueng Fah orphanage

Colourful flowers


I commented earlier about the colourĀ and flowers at Bann Fueg Fah orphanage. Here are a couple of pictures to prove my point. These were taken as Nicola arrived for work. We had taken a taxi but we’re hoping we’ll be able to take bikes and a mobility scooter in tomorrow if we can be sure that that the battery on the scooter is okay. The scooter is one of the items that we sent out in the last shipment and we think that it would be good if people here see it being used as they are not common in Thailand.



Today was another day working with the children – which is a real Joy but very tiring so I’m taking tomorrow morning off to catch up and build my stamina reserves. No such choice for Nicola of course. She will continue to show God’s love for some of his children by helping them to develop in a holistic manner to the best of their abilities.

Sadly all the pictures I took today are too good to post here as they show the children’s faces too clearly. I’ll have to concentrate more on making my choices tomorrow.

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