Day 4 at Bann Fueng Fah orphanage

Condo shrine

As I was leaving  the condo this morning, I saw a young lady carrying a bunch of flowers as she left. She stopped  and knelt at the shrine outside in a prayerful pose. Of course I wouldn’t take a picture of her praying, it would be disrespectful. However, it reminded me that I’m in a country that is predominantly Buddhist.

There are many things to like about Thailand, notably some of the prices and the street food. As a seasoned visitor, Sally laughs when I comment on the prices at the shopping centre and her suitcase home will doubtless show her experience.

Street market

I love the night street markets, not only for the atmosphere but also for the inexpensive, tasty food. Being willing to try almost anything, I think I have eaten something different every night. And I love their smoothies. Prices? About £1 for the meal and 85p-£1 for a very fruity smoothie. 60p for a hand of bananas. One downside, if you find a favourite stall – there is no guarantee they will be there tonight!


One of the things I have noticed is how accommodating and gentle the Thai people are. The market might be teeming with people but you’re never jostled or pushed. The same applies on the roads. The motorbikes, tuk-tuks, bicycles, cars and mobility scooter (single) all weave in and out of one another with scant regard for the rules of the road as we understand them. But it seems to work.  I rode my mobility scooter against the stream of traffic without fear of danger this afternoon on my way to the orphanage and home again, then out again this evening. Lights are apparently obligatory only on cars! I got a lot of very interested looks, including a thumbs up from someone in a disabled stickered tuk-tuk.

Well, did I manage to take any suitable photos at BFF today? You judge. (If you click on any of the pictures you can see a larger version). (It’s impossible to take pictures while you’re busy concentrating on an activity with a child- that is unless you’re Nicola). You’ll notice 4 children out rather than Nicola’s usual 3 per session. That’s partly because having extra pairs of hands makes it possible, partly because Mr B doesn’t appreciate being “confined to barracks”.

Mr G playing a tune

Mr B learning balance

Sally with Miss N – more balancing

Miss K playing but working


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