Day of packing and farewells


It was said that John and Sally would be free to either come in or not on the last Friday of their trips, if they needed time to pack or rest before the evening flights. Both decided to come in to see the children. We had a DVD day again and were joined by another child too, who had been asking all week to watch “Frozen”.

Mr S was keen to be in his electric wheelchair and did well until he got silly and ran into the row of walkers by the railing, even though he was repeatedly told to stop. We have a three-crash rule with him and a command of stop, means stop. He had been doing some wonderful direction changes and showing awareness of where he was in the room. The chair will not stop until the hand comes off and every time he has crashed gently before he has lifted his hand off instantly…. but not this time. I had to put Miss K down on the mat, stopping her sitting skills work, in order to stop the electric power and give him a firm talking to. He clearly knew he was in the wrong, as he would not look at me. It was explained why crashing was not good for the wheelchair, other equipment and the walls. He understood and continued in a more cautious way. 

While watching DVDs, the kids don’t get to just lie around. They are up and in varied postures, while distracted by the movie or cartoons. 

Miss K was under the weather this day with a fever. This is a first for her, as she has not been sick since joining my group. She was sponged down and given paracetamol and placed in resting positions. She also played quietly with shaving foam a little. 

Mr B went in the stander and managed to get his foot out of the standing frame straps and flick the foot plate over. In these situations I don’t ‘run to his aid’ and correct the situation, but leave him to work out if that was a good idea or not. Cause and effect learning is limited in this orphanage setting. The other reason is I’m often already busy with someone else and this behaviour is attention seeking, so not rushing over gives the message that negative behaviours don’t get attention as quickly as good ones. 

Miss N went on the ball with Sally and was very calm and then Mr S was so calm on there (after an extra milk feed) that he actually fell asleep sitting. The only person not calm was Mr G, until he was placed on the rug with the toys and left to roam and roll freely. 


We tidied up at lunch time and all the children went back, because it was time for John and Mum to get in travel mode. They went to their Pakkred homes, showered, did final packing, gave back keys and headed to the airport. I took the mobility scooter John had been using and the household items he borrowed for the condo back to my home and rested. 

 Mum and John got home to cold England safe and sound and ready for a long and well earned rest. Please pray that jetlag is short lived, but the memories long lasting.

Nicola Anderson


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  1. Thank you for the update. Your prayers are answered so far. I seem to be over any jetlag and am loving the memories.

  2. Home safe and sound although I’m feeling a little cold. 30°temperature difference takes a little getting used to. So glad to be with the children up to the end of our trip. Many happy memories and prayers for health and progress for all the children.

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