Different style of life for youngest and newest 1Step2Step child

Little Miss A joined the group just before the holiday. When she was not in my group, the doctor accepted her for surgery and now that’s here. She went into hospital in Bangkok four days ago in the first week of September 2018. She is in a cot, as all the beds had big gaps at the side which this little small bean could have rolled through.


She was supposed to have the double hip surgery yesterday, but it has been postponed due to a concern for complications with her diabetes and being nil-by-mouth for so long on surgery day. They are assessing her fluid intake and output in order to be able to manage her in and after surgery. They have called on the specialist to assess her. On the first day, she also had a physio assessment in which she was mighty mischievous.


While she waits, she plays and eats and pees as much of the first two as I can get her doing and as much of the last one as I can clean up. The nappies need to be weighed as part of assessing her intake and output of fluids. She is fine, apart from when I’m out of sight she cries and when I’m back it’s switched off instantly. That’s challenging when I need the toilet or I’m taking clothes to the laundry or rubbish to the bin, which are all down the other end of the ward.


We have made many friends with others and today she did some good work in a prone position and cross legged sitting playing with the slinky and the boy across the way. She was playing with an animal noise jigsaw today, which quite distracted her many times once she had got bored of just chucking the pieces out of her cot.


Visiting her daily is ok apart from the traffic getting there and back. I did taxi back the first day with the stroller and it took two hours, second day minibus there and back, but the stop is a ten-minute walk away, and today the bus where standing is likely and I felt sick with all the jolting of the stop and start. I think the minibus is the best value for money and reasonably convenient.


I seek your prayers for Miss A at this time and for me to have the good health and strength to endure it.

I’ll keep you informed of when surgery has happened.

Thanks all.

Nicola Anderson.



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  1. Praying for strength and stamina for both of you.

  2. So Miss A is doing ok in hospital. allowd water more now as the assessmnt is complete but we still need to pray for surgery to be permitted.
    Also prayer appreciated for me in the travel as i was almost sick on the public bus today so im thinking the minibus is a better method for me as you always get a seat and i can see the road with less stop and start. travel sickness not great when standing.

  3. Hi. Miss A surgery is in the morning tomorrow and Miss K is admitted tomorrow for surgery god willing on Monday. Say a prayer for me as these girls will cry and cry and set each other off.

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