Equipment being used in Thailand

From the container, we kept for our 1Step2Step kids a standing frame, a new stool, a wheelchair, a bouncer chair for older children, some foam cushions and we have a special painting easel made for us. We have some of the nappies, clothes and dressings for wounds. One great thing is a new bin with a lid to take the nappies away. One of my group is now putting his own rubbish and dirty nappy in the bin after being cleaned up and changed.

The standing frame is perfect for us as its easily adjustable. Mr B and Mr C have been in already but we are starting with short spells in it. The wheelchair was so good for Mr C that he feel asleep sitting straight.

At the ward pool there was a 3 inch step to lift the trolley up. Going to the pool and dropping down the step was hard on the kids, but after swimming and showering three children one by one, getting back up the step was always tiring. Now from the container we have a perfect ramp to glide up and down smoothly. I can’t wait to go swimming and have that ease of access.

A little boy came by today to show me the posterior walker we gave being used. He was so pleased because it supports his hips. Before, he walked by making every step with massive shifting in his hips to move the legs. He walked so beautifully today. He was proud of himself.

The screen is ready to give dignity for those needing medical treatments in the sick ward and the shed is up on the flat roof of the blind ward for the strollers/ pushchairs of the baby ward. They used to be stored on the stairs and were a trip hazard. Now they are in the shed that opens top and sides. We are so grateful to Joe for building it for them on the roof in the heat of the Thai sun. He did a great job.

Thank you again everyone. Equipment from the Pedro 5 container is making a difference. Watch out for more photos and news about its uses.

Nicola Anderson.

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