Final day in Hong Kong – Thailand here I come

Harbour tour

Well this is a brief farewell well to Hong Kong with the hope that the Wi-Fi signal is much better at Pakkred in Thailand. I’ve had a great time without a doubt but the main downside has been the lack of photogenic weather and decent wifi to upload the daily blog with enough photos. As I move to Thailand one of the things I will be doing is to make comparisons between the UK, China (it’s easy to forget that Hong Kong is in China now) and Thailand.

I need to be up in reasonable time tomorrow morning in order to get to the airport in time so here are just a few pictures to sum up my day.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Taking in the view

Some skyscrapers

The Peak

The Peak Tram

With apologies for the amount of grey. If you click on a image you can see more detail and more colour and it may look less grey. That may be an image of the difference 1Step2Step has made to the children Nicola works with.

Final Chinese meal

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