Final day of fun for John, Sally and the kids together


Today is the last but one day for Sally and John in Thailand and the last full day working with the children. They will come in for the morning tomorrow, but be heading to the airport mid-afternoon. 

We made the last full day one to remember, for two reasons. The first reason is because, as you may have noticed in pictures, the children have had rather long hair, so today was hair cutting day. Normally, when I need to do hair cutting, I know they will need showers afterwards. So if I’m going to be showering them, we might as well do something messy beforehand that would also need a shower. So the second memorable activity was to paint some cute elephant stencils which we will have put on pillows for sale. 

The routine on painting day is a mix between conveyer belt style and moving round stations. The child starts coming out to the play mat and moves on to the painting mat for one-to-one painting time. This involves making many choices, from which colours and designs or sizes, to which hand you want to paint with. Mr S was very clear today in his communication and wanted to go in the electric wheelchair to play, so he did the three steps before it and then he could. The painting mess happens and then it’s on to the hair cutting mat.


Boys have an army short back and sides with the hair clippers and the girls have their hair shortened and thinned out a bit. Doing the girls’ hair is more difficult, because you need to have them upright and as still as possible. After this it’s a transfer to the bathroom for a shower. Mr. B stands up and helps with the process. Being a true little boy, it’s not uncommon for Mr B to be completely clean and then start to pee in the shower onto his feet. So he needs to get clean again from waist down. Miss K is best sitting in the shower chair (which came from the container 1Step2Step sent in the summer) and the rest are on the shower trolley. 


After the shower, some go back to the ward for sleep and others go back on the mat where they started to continue to play. It’s not an easy day, requiring energy for lifting and also planning the logistics. The kids enjoyed it today and mostly look dapper now. 

We ended the day with Mr B, Mr C and Miss N on the swing for a while, playing with bubbles. A nice, but busy day for Sally and John.  

The kids and I want to wish them a safe journey home. God bless and thank you both for coming. 

Nicola Anderson.





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  1. Thank you so much for letting me meet you in your work, and see you loving the children, setting an example of good practice and administering charitable funds. It was an indescribably unexpected pleasure, Nicola.
    In turn you have confirmed my determination to love the children at Pakkret in Christ’s Name from the UK through 1Step2Step and to do everything I can to support you.

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