First go for Mr S on electric wheelchair

Today was an exciting day for Mr S –  his first attempt at using the electric wheelchair (see video below). I got him strapped in and  aligned his body as much possible. The seat is wide and he had great success once the joystick movement was practised with me holding over his hand. Then it was a matter of putting him in a big open space and letting him work it out. First he would do a nudge and it would move, then for it went for longer and he would loose the joystick. Next he would turn round one way round and around. Then he would suddenly go forwards or backwards a bit and work that concept out. After a while he was going about loads. I let him crash twice, once against the wall and once on the railing to get an idea of how that goes. He absolutely loved it and we discussed many things about how he can improve. 

I am super proud of him and its clear to see that he is proud of himself. 

Attached is a video to show you. If you wish to see more drop us a note and you could link up with us on Facebook too.

Nicola Anderson 

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