First impressions from a quick glimpse of the orphanage

1Step2Step trustees, Jill Bundy and Sally Anderson, are visiting Nicola Anderson in Thailand. Nicola has sent some impressions from their first full day on Sunday 27 January 2019…

Today after church, lunch with my friends and a supermarket shop, we had some time and made the decision to visit the orphanage and see the children. This would be a mini flying visit before Jill and Mum (Sally) join to volunteer with the 1Step2Step work with the children on Monday.

We cycled over, parked the bikes and headed up to check with the ward mums that it was ok to visit. While we checked this, Mr B was already right at my feet and introducing himself. We went in and said ‘hi’ to the whole ward and then found the 1Step2Step children to introduce.

Here is what Jill said about this first meeting of the children she has heard so much about…

“It was really good to have a short visit to the orphanage today seeing the children that Nicola works with. All the children in the ward were lying in one long row of mats. Mr B immediately grabbed Nichola’s attention because he was so pleased to see her. I was introduced to all the children in the 1Step2Step group, while she did some repositioning of some of them and interacting. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them tomorrow and to be interacting with them and working with different stimuli.”

Jill (on the left) on her first full day with the children

Sally was able to recognise some of the children and although saddened by some weight loss for Miss K since last year, she longed to interact with Mr B. I was a bit mean about this, because we were only in for a short while and it would have increased his clinginess when we left and made him difficult for the staff in the evening. Sally and Jill both understood this. Sally got to meet Miss A for the first time too. Miss N and Mr G were asleep, but Mr G woke up. Sally thought Mr G seemed more relaxed. Mr C was giggling at his friends coming to visit and Miss K was pleased to hear that Jill knew the volunteer who cared for her on the holiday last year really well.

Sally working with the children

After we left, Sally asked if there was any chance to see Mr S over in the boys’ home. We cycled over and while Sally and Jill stayed by the bikes, I asked if this would be possible. The ward mum was fine and brought us chairs. Mr S was pleased to see us and recognised Sally. I got him all freshened up with his assistance and he was reasonably content considering.

Jill said about this visit…”We went to a different orphanage, next door to Bann ff where Mr S now lives on the sick ward, especially as Sally had not seen him for a year and he has been so ill. He was very frail, but he was able to engage well with Nicola and to sit on her lap while she held him carefully, ensuring she supported his head. He was clearly delighted to see her particularly, although he also took notice of Sally and me.”

Then she added “It’s clear to see the love that Nicola has for these children and I thank God that he has put her here to work with them and to be such a wonderful example of His love to all the staff there.” which was very kind of her.

Sally was pleased to see Mr S, especially after the crises he has endured in recent months, which made her worry that she would not see him alive again. I believe it was lovely for all to see him, but his circumstances are hard to bear.

Tomorrow is officially Jill and Sally’s first day, but boy will it be a busy one!

More updates are to come on their visit. Please keep them, me and the kids in your prayers.

Nicola Anderson.

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  1. Thank you for this news report, Nicola. And thank you, Jill and Sally, for your visit and viewpoints. Praise God for the love and the children.

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