Forward steps for 1Step2Step projects

1Step2Step has many big projects in the works for 2018, including a DAT study tour, a beach holiday for the children and for Mr S to have an assessment at a private hospital for his health. We went for a meal today with the boss, head social worker and head physio of the orphanage. We were able to talk about all these and a few other things.

The main thing was the DAT study tour, as our proposed date of April 22nd gets closer and closer. It was explained that this had to go to the Foundation’s Committee for approval and that was not till March 22nd. The boss is under the understanding that they will be ok with the trip and provide the funds for their share, but that a month won’t be long enough to get visas. They have asked for a slight shift back on the dates to relieve that stress and we will look into that. They will choose the people in advance of the approval, but apply for visas once that permission is granted. 

We then spoke of the holiday for the children and about how our hope is for staff we met last year in UK special needs schools will be able to volunteer and assist a child on a one to one basis during the four days away. We have many people keen to be involved and it looks like three of the six needed are confirmed, with past volunteers wishing to be substitutes. It’s wonderful when many people want to be that blessing to support our children in a holiday away. It won’t be easy, but I know from experience it’s highly enjoyable. This got the thumbs up from the boss, so booking and seeking to pin down the details for the holiday can commence. 

 Intertwined with that was another of our requests and that was for permission for an American young lady to be permitted to volunteer for one and a half months with me, leading up to and including the holiday. This help will be wonderful as I will have much to sort outside of work and so help with the kids will reduce stress. Kait can now go ahead and book her flights, as the boss approved this request. 

The next thing was permission for Mr S to see a specialist about all the medical issues he is facing. We are seeking to find if there is a root cause for his problems and whether medication or treatments can improve his condition. They understood the concerns and the value of seeing a specialist (or two or three) to improve his quality of life. Once John and Sally head home, this will be high up there as priority to start acting on as 1Step2Step trustees have already approved to release funds for this. 

We offered to aid Bann Feung Fah (the home we work in) with the English page of the website. We hope that if the practicalities of accessing the administrators editing page can be done online from England, we could get our people to enhance it for them. This was a new offer not mentioned before, so we need to speak to the administrator for the website and see if that is possible. If it works out, 1Step2Step would add a link to it from our website. The possibility  of adding a Thai page to the 1Step2Step website has been mentioned too. 

Finally we discussed the need for and value of 1Step2Step and Bann Feung Fah having a official ‘memorandom of understanding’ to establish our united working. We thought a few years back that we needed that with the Department regulating Bann Feung Fah, but today we felt having one with Bann Feung Fah was more valuable. They said we sort have an unspoken one already and that they value our input. They said that we can create one, but while there is much on for the other tasks, this one can wait and we still continue to work well together. 

We hope that this positive relationship continues with the managers not feeling pressure from us but support. We tried to stress that they can always tell us if a project we offer is not helpful to them. We won’t be offended. We only wish to help not hinder. 


I’m so grateful for this opportunity we had to meet and finalize some details. I am also thankful for the very kind gift the boss gave us.

Thank you all who have been praying and we ask you continue to pray for all these plans to come about in the right timing and in the right ways. An extra prayer request is for favour with the schools that we find a week that suits all in May. In Jesus’ name we ask this. 

Nicola Anderson




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  1. Great summary Nicola. Hope to get start on the UK end of some of these project when we get back. Been an exciting and very beneficial trip all round and still one week to go.

  2. Well summarised both Nicola and Sally. I too was very impressed and grateful for the kind and generous demeanour of the boss and his staff.

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