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This is a group of people who are not Trustees or on the Committee, but can occasionally help with special events either in setting up, in attending events or praying. We keep a database of names and email addresses and then email when we need help either by encouraging people to attend, help to bake or set up or when we need extra focussed pray for specific reasons. No names appear on the website. Please contact us if you would like your name added to the Friends of 1Step2Step.

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  1. Hi I have just completed a social work degree at Lancaster university and my final placement was at the children’s centre, this is how I became aware of the charity. I am due to visit Thailand in late October and was wondering if you had any volunteering opportunities available I will only be in the are for a few days soniyb will be for s very limited time, but I’m eager to see the charity and the work you do.
    Kind regards Hayley

    • Hi Hayley
      I will speak to Nicola who works in the orphanage and see if it might be possible. I have attached our volunteer pack for you to look at. If you are wanting to go just as a visit for a day perhaps as that would be slightly different to volunteering for a longer period. Generally people go for a month or more but shorter periods are sometimes possible depending on what is happening at the requested dates. This is so that volunteers can be of most help to the children and Nicola. Lots of people for short periods means it takes her time from the work she does in explaining the system, the children etc and is difficult for the children to meet new faces too often.
      However have look at the attached information and get back to me outlining what your possible plans would be and we can go from there.
      Thank you for showing an interest in our work and hope we can meet to discuss further if that would be of interest to you.
      Thanks Sally

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