Fun, courage and relationship building with jumps in the sea

Well, what a great staff retreat I just had! Sometimes staff trips can be a little overwhelming with the cultural stuff to concentrate on and the language, but this year felt easier. I feel blessed to have been able to strengthen friendships and have time to invest in that. Four of the recent study tour bunch were on this trip too, so we chatted at times about that.

This staff retreat had a few differences: firstly, it started with a meeting at work the day before for bonding and friendship. We also all got a buddy to bless (a bit like “secret Santa” style) which made people open to considering each others’ feelings. The bus journeys had time for sleep and the karaoke was fun and social.

We went for three nights to Chumporn, which is a beach area with loads of islands. The best part was the day on the boat, even though I was sea sick for a little while on it. We slid down a slide at the back, jumped into the sea from the 2nd floor and swam round beautiful Islands. Getting a chance to encourage others to be bold and push their limits and to be less fearful was so fun.

Many of the staff were scared, but did the jumping in or went on the slide and said it was the best feeling.

The views were spectacular and I was in photography heaven, so much that I got a little sun burnt.

I shared a room with the head physio and we watched a Thai drama, which puzzled me loads, but had her hooked, as it did me. I managed to get some of the planning and prep done for the Disney on Ice trip for twelve of my ward’s children sorted and that was a big stress reliever.

While at staff retreat, I got news that we have a wonderfully kind donor for the transport for our beach holiday for the children. The International School Bangkok has said they will again pay for it and book it for us with the company they use. This is a wonderful relief and a huge saving for our funds. They were even sweet to say that they were glad to be able to help.

By the wonders of the internet, I was also able to confirm with the Nichada Zumba ladies group that they were willing to find fifteen boxes of diabetes blood test stripes, which the orphanage urgently needed. They were also able to speak with the Rex Pharmacy and get them ordered, so on my return I could get the funds, buy the test stripes and deliver them the day after arriving back. I am really grateful for the funds given for those and the kindness of the pharmacy in reducing the price of them too.

The kids survived the time stuck in the ward, but were somewhat droopy today, though perked up later.

Mr S is back on the ward and I hope will be staying there.

One of our ward kids, who joins us for DVD days, has been admitted to hospital with a swelling in his shoulder. Your prayers for him and Mr S would be appreciated and Mr C has some constipation issues too.

Thanks be to God for all the joys and even for the challenges, as they teach us much too about trusting and relying on Him.

Nicola Anderson



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  1. Mr C had some medical assistance with his constipation and is well and good again. Mr S is back on sick ward with his challenging sats and chestiness. Our dvd buddy is still in hospital. One of our ward mums was on duty over there and took him some treats so ill hear soon how he is. Ive been wanting to go see him after work but not left work early enough this week to add that one as well.
    Prayer continues to be requested for them.

  2. So glad you were able to get immersed in this staff retreat and that it was easier and positive.
    Particularly sad that Mr S is back on the sick ward and will pray for speedy restoration to you, his electric wheelchair and other activities.

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