Fun on safari

On Monday, we started the week by taking all bar one of the 1Step2Step children to Safari World in Bangkok. In light of Mr S’s seizures recently, it was deemed unwise for him to come on this trip. We hope to take him out in the future when he is more stable or we have been able to risk assess the things we need to do for him differently. This trip was valuable for Sally and John to see what is involved in taking the children on a trip out of the orphanage and what are the benefits of such trips for the children and me. 

We took the five children with five adults in the Ratchawadee Boys bus, with the hydraulic lift. This made the transport easier, as some could stay in their wheelchairs and there was much less lifting of them and the wheelchairs involved on the trip. The journey was a pleasant one. Miss K got used to it and relaxed. Mr C relaxed so much, he was out for the count asleep! Mr B did really well with our friend Heather and sat in his seat well. All were happy…. at this point at least.

We arrived and with the kind help of Tammy, my sweet Thai friend, we got tickets for the park. Mr G, for no known reason, was in a grump about being in his chair. We started at the sea lion show.


Then we went to the free flying birds, where Heather got over her bird phobia by intensive interaction with them. The kids all had birds sit on their hands, heads or laps, but Mr C had taken a little power nap again and although covered in birds, he was oblivious to them. Mr B liked flicking the seeds away. Miss N was semi-impressed and Mr G was still moaning. We switched their chairs round so they were sitting with varied pressure and angles, but Mr G only wanted to be carried.

We fed the kids and ourselves and headed to the dolphin show. Before it started, there was a sort of Indian dance party, which Mr B and Miss N were not impressed with. Mr C and Miss K were just content watching the movements and listening. Mr G was given a free fan that for a short time made him happy. After the show, Mr C and Miss N got to meet the dolphin close up, but the other three were just fed up, so we headed back to the bus to go round the Safari Park driving section. After this, we headed home. Mr C and Mr B had milk on the route back. Mr G and  Misses K and N had some snack foods, but were generally too tired to bother. When we returned home, they all got a rice blended meal or more milk and rested. 


 Nicola Anderson


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