Further PEDRO Progress

8th August 2017

We have just heard that the PEDRO 5 container is off the UNI Adroit ship and at the Bangkok port. The orphanage have heard from the department regarding the container and all the final pieces of the puzzle seem to be lining up for its arrival soon.

Eight years ago today was when our first container ever arrived. It was a half-full 20-foot container. The contents were not top quality – very second hand – but to the staff and children who got to use the equipment, it was a massive enlightenment.

As we await the next one’s arrival, I think how far the understanding of the value of equipment has come and how much more eager people are to receive the contents of this container.

Nicola Anderson

One Comment On “Further PEDRO Progress”

  1. Thank the Lord that all as gone so smoothly so far. May you be given extra strength and all the necessary skills as you see the unloading and distribution through. I look forward to seeing pictures of the children that are allocated the equipment and the difference it will make to their lives and development.

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