God is always listening

Yesterday I went to see one of the teachers who came to England for the Disability Awareness Tour (DAT) and the children she works with. They have been doing painting projects every Friday (a new passion for the children and Khru Tink). From painting ceramic creatures for a mural – more news about that soon – to finger painting cute bunting designs, they absolutely love it and spend the painting time talking up a storm about colour, size, types and fears. Khru Tink says, ‘They are happy. They like the arts. The children are happy every time that they work on the art.’

Anyway, back to yesterday, we were talking about the elephant bunting they still had to complete, when I asked if they wanted a new project. A roomful of yes’s was heard and I asked, ‘What if I can find a giant box that they could paint and turn into a house?’ Well from that moment, requests came in for the roof to be triangle and there to be four windows and a door. I insisted they needed two doors so collisions didn’t happen, but they said, ‘No’. One child insisted that the front door needed a key. I was getting quite nervous that this cardboard box was getting harder and harder to supply.

We went on to talk about the three little pigs and their issues with weak houses and which was strongest. I repeated that the elephant bunting needed to be done first to give me time to find a box.

Well the business of my day started this morning and two fridges were collected from friends who had donated them. I was just sorting where the second fridge was to go, when I see a box by the side.  It’s one of those pre-crated paint-in-yourself play houses. I ask if this is being used by anyone and it’s explained that it had been donated. They had asked the teachers, but none of them had been interested. I ask if I can have it for Supanika and am told, ‘Yes’.

I rush it over to the teacher, who is out for lunch. Messaging her I say…

When she arrives, I tell her that this is not from me, but God was listening and has provided this play house. She replies, ‘It’s not even 24 hours since we said it’ and laughs. We show the children how it’s got the triangle roof, the four windows and only one door as they prefered. There’s no key, but that’s OK. Another funny aspect is that instead of pigs, it’s got goats all over it.

One of the little girls helps us put it safe back in the box, stating that they need to finish the elephants first.

If this is not God’s provision, what is? We didn’t need a fancy house. I was definitely not planning to buy one of those (and we still will probably have a standard cardboard box too), but it just shows that when God shows up, boy can he do high quality!

The house is similar to these images.

Since returning from the UK, Khru Tink’s heart has been full of creative motives: she just needed some ideas to be inspired by and, in turn, inspire her kids.

Later in the evening, Khru Tink and I chat on Facebook and she adds that, ‘The God has the internet wifi, because it’s very fast. hehe’

Praise God for his amazing provision!

Nicola Anderson

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  1. Praise God indeed! One of his skills is timing 🙂

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