Good news for Miss K


After two weeks or so, Miss K has been released from the isolation room back to the ward.

After X-rays, skin tests and saliva samples checked by the top specialist, Miss K and all the other six buddies have been given a negative result for TB and are free to go back to their wards. Miss K, although grumpy at times, has coped reasonably well, although clearly longing to get back home with her friends.


One of the seven was not so able and was emotional a lot of the time and very unwilling to eat. I ask your prayers for her, named Miss Y, as she readjusts and that she will get back to eating well.

Thanks to our God that they are no longer being deemed infectious and that this episode was short lived, considering how long it could have been (up to six months). Yay for not having to wear a mask and that Miss K is finally able to see my smiles for her again.


Thanks also to God that Miss K will not miss the holiday or the chance to have her hip surgery.

Thanks also to the nurses who pushed though each request of the doctors, even while they were extremely busy with a mass ‘big flu’ immunization project.

Monday will be a great day to have her back with us.

Please pray also for Mr S who has been in sick ward with some breathing challenges and needing oxygen. Please pray he can have a strong spell up to the holiday and be permitted to go, as this could well be his last outing before moving to the bigger kids’ home.


Nicola Anderson.

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  1. God answers our prayers. Hoping she will be able to settle back to ward life quickly and likewise the other children. Hoping Mr S will gain strength to be able to go on the holiday. Praying all will be well for the holiday in 3 weeks.

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