Great news: in my absence the ward mums step up

 It seems that, at least for Mr B, there was no need for me to feel guilty about the children missing out of the fun of Children’s Day, due to my being on women’s retreat with the church. On Saturday night, I received eight sweet photos to my ‘line’ social media account from a ward mum of Mr B on two of the rides that the orphanage brings in for the event: a little train and a swing carousel. There a few reasons why this is a big deal. The ward mums took him and let him on the ride because he can sit fine, it was not just one ride one time as a basic gesture, but he had at least two rides from the images. They will have seen that he enjoyed it and got the reward and wanted to do it again. Then there is the fact that they thought to send me a picture of this and not just one, but eight to show him having fun. 

For me, this is a big deal. The ward mums are considering what he can manage, what he might like and how I would feel to know he got the opportunity, even though I was not there. I’m so very pleased. Now I just hope to hear that many others got to go to this fun event and enjoyed it. 

Praise be to God for the gentle and steady improvements in child opportunities given by the ward mums. May these keep continuing. 

Nicola Anderson 


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  1. Im told that 20 children went including Miss N and Miss K and that they put them on the bouncy castle and jumped so they could enjoy the rocking and rolling as well as Mr B going on both rides 3 times each. She added that he really liked it.
    Praise be to God. xx

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