Growing up

Nicola Anderson reports on a recent visit:

“Today I went to visit two of the older children who were in my original group. Miss W was sadly in the sick ward at the girls’ home, because she has somehow broken her arm. Apart from the arm, she actually looked really well. She had gained some weight, didn’t have any pressure sores and was in great spirits. I was able to scoop her up and lavish some love on her, sing her songs and she managed to join in while she was laughing. It was lovely to see her, but please pray for her arm’s healing.

Pray also for a young lady who we used to joke with that she was a twin. One of these two is doing well but the other is weak and has pressure sores. Thankfully she was moved onto the air bed while I was there. Miss P could do with prayer that she will find the strength and will to carry on.

Then in the afternoon I popped in to see Mr T. As soon as I walked in, it was as if his ears perked up. He is so much bigger and stronger. I had him sitting on the side of the bed and sitting cross-legged. His strength was clear. He just sat with my arm round his shoulders laughing.

It really was lovely to see them both.”

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  1. Lovely to hear news about those that have moved on to the older orphanages. Although no longer with us daily, they are still part of the 1Step2Step family. We still remember them with love and affection.

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