Help to brighten isolated days

After the holiday, some volunteers had to go straight home, but Becky and Grace went travelling for a week and a bit. The day before they flew home after all their fun beach adventures, they came back to say farewell to the kids.

They arrived at Bann Feung Fah and had a little time with the children and then we did a creative project.

In the sick ward there are two side rooms which are used to isolate any chidren who are contagious. Miss K was in there when they thought she and others had TB and some children are in there for the big annual flu outbreak and for other conditions.  With children sleeping so close to each other, illnesses normally spread quickly. These rooms get used to prevent that and aim to keep everybody well.


Having explained that, it was clear that these rooms were depressing, stark and daunting to a child who is used to the busy noise of a room with fifty other children. 

For this reason, funds from a Ladies Zumba group have been used to brighten up one of the rooms and help lift the occupants’ spirits. There are now pretty things to look at while lying in bed ‘getting better’.

It is no longer a white clinical medical isolation room. Now it’s the brightest, happiest room in the orphanage. The children who were staying in there recently were really happy with it. Thank you. There are flowers and butterflies, trees and birds, trains,planes and boats and jungle animals.


There is still money in that budget to decorate the other smaller room too. This will get done at some point soon. Thank you so much Zumba ladies and thanks to Grace and Becky for your help to get this done. Your efforts were very much welcomed.


Please pray for the many, many children who will see the stickers when they are sick in that room.

Nicola Anderson

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  1. Looks beautiful and I’m sure will lift the spirits of those needing to spend time there.

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