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God has blessed us with a full team now for the holiday for the children in August 2018. This means each child will have a one-to-one carer and that I will be able to manage them overall and give people assistance and breaks as needed.

The first to join up was Kait. Kait is from the USA and contacted us before the holiday was planned as she wished to volunteer for two months with us. Working as a care assistant presently, but planning to study medicine in the future, we are glad to have her join us. It will be an added blessing that she will be there to help with preparations before the holiday and will know the kids well.


Next Becky joined us. Presently she is just completing her occupational therapy training in university. Becky has worked with children with disabilities outside of her studies, so I will probably give her one of the more challenging cases from the group. She also has experience with feeding tubes and medical challenges, so she will have Mr C on the trip and I think they will do great together.


Then Grace signed up. Grace has known of 1Step2Step for many years and often mentioned she would love to come. Grace has been to a mission partner of St. Thomas’ Church based in Kenya. The holiday’s timing has worked out for her as her university course finishes and she seeks to start employment. Grace’s sister and boyfriend were with 1Step2Step in Thailand last year for a short visit which was perfectly timed. Grace will probably be having Miss K and I can imagine the giggles they will be having.


Many people said they would like to come to support a child on this trip but were not able to. Since the previous holiday back in 2013, we have had two children pass away. Both the volunteers who supported those two wished to come on this year’s trip. We decided that was a good idea, but sadly one of those two volunteers had to pull out due to a possible promotion. Helen joined the group who will come. Helen, both as a member of the 1Step2Step committee and a second time carer for the holiday, will be a great asset to me particularly as she remembers the routine. Helen has great experience with her working at Beaumont College (one of the places we visit for the study tours). Helen will be having Mr B as she is used to behaviours that can be challenging. This looks like a great duo to me.


As we got closer and closer to the date of the holiday, we were blessed with an opportunity to share in the two morning services at St.Thomas’ Church, Lancaster about our work. Two lovely ladies came to speak to us afterwards regarding the holiday. They both checked the dates and got back to us saying they could come. Elizabeth is a student in Lancaster studying to be a teacher. She checked the dates and let her mum know she thought she was quite possibly going to Thailand. Elizabeth has been to Spain and volunteered with young adults with disabilities before, so this will be a great help to our trip.


Hannah had to check a few more logistics and so she and I met for coffee to see if God really was putting everything in order for her to come. Hannah is a midwife and so getting time off work was an issue but it was quickly possible. The dates were falling into place too for family commitments and she was able to say yes. Hannah’s medical knowledge will be a huge blessing with Mr C.


This completed our team and we set about getting everything in place from injections, to DBS police clearance and of course the flights. We pray the just giving page will bring about the support needed to go or that other means top it up. I believe God has put this group together.


Please pray for the volunteers as they prepare to come out to Thailand on this adventure.

Nicola Anderson.

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