Hong Kong Day 2 with the children still in mind

Despite being a tourist in Hong Kong, I’m still feeling very much that this is just a staging point to the real reason I came out on this trip. And thanks to Facebook Messenger I can still get news from Nonthaburi. And it’s good news, very good news – young Mr S is out of hospital and back on the ward. Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers.

As I say, I am a tourist in Hong Kong so maybe I should post a few pictures ?  The one at the top of this post is the sort of picture I wouldn’t normally post but it does show the sort of wintry picture of Hong Kong island that faced me this morning, with either low cloud or smog preventing a proper focus. You can still get a sense of the skyscrapers though, I hope. There are more skyscrapers in Hong Kong than anywhere else in the world- New York comes a distant second.  I wonder how Bangkok will compare?



Talking of comparisons, where do you think I took these pictures? The striking thing about Hong Kong is how like the UK it is. I don’t suppose I should be surprised since it was only on the 1st of July 1997 that Britain gave it back to China but it is still a very strange mixture. Actually it makes it a very interesting transition for me, with the proliferation  of both the Chinese characters (that seem similar to those in the Thai language) and the English street names.

City streetsk

It is said that there are 47000 letters in the Chinese alphabet but although they have reduced that to some 4000 in the simplified version, I don’t think I would like to start learning it now. Another difficult thing to come to terms with in a foreign country. It makes me wonder why someone likeGladys Aylward or Hudson Taylor (and one of my distant relatives who was also in the China Inland Mission) would leave the comfort of England to go to China to spread the good news. It must be Love!

More colour0

One of the  things that I also noticed  here is how, despite all the skyscrapers, the planners still find ways of incorporating greenery wherever they can. But you can’t get away from the fact that this is a thoroughly Modern City.








Or is it? ……..


Well that’s all from Hong Kong for the moment – I need to eat.

Other reports from Thailand have taught me a thing or two: a while ago Nicola reported that she had her annual visa renewed; what I didn’t realise was that she has to report every 90 days to immigration – the joys of working in a foreign land. We have been talking a little bit about a visit to the safari park for the children but the downside of Mr S’s seizures is that it would be unwise to take him with us but I’m sure that Nicola will find ways of making that up for him. I think Nicola is planning an update on the week very soon here, so keep your eye on the website.

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