Hot hot hot season

Thailand is experiencing a really, really hot season this year, which is that bit harder to bear as for the last two years I’ve been in the UK at this time. Those who came on study tours with 1Step2Step previously keep mentioning that they are missing the cool UK weather. Conversation is all about the weather and heat. Most are fed up with it and wish it would cool down. Sweating all the time and listlessness is no fun. The newspapers are reporting on it.

Temperatures rise to the high 30 degrees here, but with the humidity, it feels more like 44 degrees. I’m told Chaingmai is worse.

I’m trying to do some things for the kids to help them feel cool: giving extra water, letting them sleep when sleeping, having fans on and playing with bubbles so they are in the line of the cool air. Also we are checking temperatures and cooling them down with wet towels and medication if temperatures spike. Miss K and Miss A seems to be the two who are struggling most. We are trying to get the girls’ hair off their necks with hair ties and play on the tiles which is cooler than playing on the mats.

We continue to try to get the children stretching to prevent their muscles getting tighter. Some days they are willing and others not so much. Mr B is very listless, with limited energy, but still with the mischief in his nature and keenness to break things, which has frustrated me at times.

Miss N did great on Wednesday and I was mightily impressed with her, but Thursday she was unwell and was sent to sick ward. Mr C has been struggling with his secretions, so is spending most weekends in the sick ward and some weeks not getting back. In himself he is happy, but hot and chesty, which means he needs the assistance of suction. With two children over in sick ward, I set up a little mat area and did their stretching, percussion chest therapy and suction for both to get them out of bed for a bit. They both rested up well after this. Sick ward is not neat and formal at present, as they have some fans not working. The children’s beds are clustered together around the room so that all are near a fan or cooler machine. It’s no easy thing for the staff, but it’s nice to see the children’s needs taking priority over the wish for the room to look orderly and conformist.

Please pray that the children cope with the weather, that staff would keep going and that the temperatures cool soon. Pray for Miss N and Mr C that they grow in strength and are well enough to come back soon from sick ward. Mr C and Mr B are going on a day trip to the beach on the 25th April, so really need to be well then.  Please pray for the fans in sick ward to be fixed.

Nicola Anderson.



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  1. Been tracking the weather and saw it getting hotter. Hope you are coping ok with sleeping at night as well as coping in the day. Praying for the children because heat is their normal, but not the current level of heat I expect. Hopefully you will get a little cooler weather soon.

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