Hot season fun

Today I had no set plan for the activities we would do. I got general things out and wanted to focus on their skills while they were distracted with play. On arrival, I found Mr B was waiting for me, dressed and mischievous. It was a warm day, with a need for rain to cool things down. I started, as always, getting equipment out and collecting clothes, nappies and towels for dribble, but found the ward had very, very few nappies. After picking up only two nappies for six children, I have to think on my feet.

As I got out the toys, I noticed the water play toys and that gave me the idea: one-to-one water play sessions! I could keep them in no trousers for that, so they would not soak the trousers and sheet if they peed. The water play was on the mat with the baby bath.

We had fun with the water in varied ways: sprinkling water with a little watering can, making ducks swirl and even using a balloon to make the water bubble by blowing out the air. We played with warm water, ice and cold water for sensory experiences. They all played well. Typically it ended with Mr B dipping the water and toys off and all over the patio –  no surprise really, as he struggles to control his impulsive nature. Sometimes he succeeded over a long period of time and other times not so long. No point crying over spilled water as they say!


Miss K and Mr G did really well on their head control, looking at the falling water. Miss N liked reaching for the ice. Mr B found the balloon the funniest thing, as it made the water move with the air and the noise. He also liked splashing loads. Mr G liked grabbing the squishy toys as they floated about.


Mr C did his water play in the afternoon from the standing frame. He watched well as the sprinkling water made bubbles and enjoyed the noises the rubber ducks made when squeezed.

It was a fun, fun time. The mess didn’t take too long to tidy up. While I was doing the one to one time, the others who had already played with the water were dried off and played freely on the mat.


The only downside was that Mr B loves to post toys through the railing, and when he did that to the giant Slinkies, one has completely disappeared. Sad times. I could do with prayer for an extra dose of patience and he could do with prayer for self control and to focus his skills. That will help me not to feel frustrated at his sabotaging behaviour.

The hot season and lack of nappies was made a little more bearable by crazy water play. Miss K was the one who impressed me most with her sitting. The kids were happy and calm afterwards.

Nicola Anderson


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  1. Love to hear about this. Not aware of water play recently so sounds like a great new activity for the children to experience. Glad they all got the chance to show their skills and enjoyment in the different activities you thought of.

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