Improvements every day for Miss ND, our community friend


Miss ND has a wheelchair, which I was able to buy from opposite the hospital when I was visiting Miss K and bring back to Pakkred in a taxi. This has made her much more independent at school and she is doing so well that school have said that Mum no longer needs to stay. This will mean that Mum can go and get a job. Miss ND has such a determined spirit, the school are delighted with how she is doing. She has made many friends and is gaining more and more English every day. The school are going to have a meeting regarding whether she can do full days yet. We are waiting to hear what they say.


She now goes to Bann Fueng Fah for physio on Friday afternoons. I saw her and she is much stronger. Her standing posture has improved due to all the swimming she does at school. The quality of her walking with a walker is better too.


We went to the doctor on the 20th September and the doctor saw from the x-rays that she has not had any more hip movement. The surgery he offers is only minor for deep muscles and not needed for bones (although that may come in the future). He planned to do it in November but Miss ND said she would have to miss school and got a sad face, so he said December, so she can have the surgery in the school holidays and recover without missing any school. He will, I believe, lengthen four muscles, which should reduce the spasms, so that she can have a walking gait and wider steps. Recovery from this takes two weeks of minimal discomfort, instead of casts like Miss K. The family actually came up to see Miss K with me, which was nice and it meant they got to see the ward for when they come for Miss ND’s surgery on December 20th. It’s day surgery, so she may not need to stay in, or if she does, it should not be for long. It was looking to cost 15000 Baht and we were getting ready to start seeking funding, but the expat community has come through and the cost is already covered.


The plan of action now is to get surgery in December, then AFO plastic splints after that. We are still to sort out a walker for her and also some kind of swimming aid.


Everyone involved with her is really pleased with her progress. From the little girl sat at the corner of the badminton club to the little girl who goes to school, swimming classes, physiotherapy, doctor’s assessments and socials with new friends, it’s just wonderful. Thanks to God for this opportunity to impact her life and thank God for making it all work out so amazingly.

Nicola Anderson


Update 12 October 2018: Today Miss ND won an award at school for superstar of the week. Nicola was able to go to the assembly to celebrate with her.



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