In memory of Siwanad

As you may have seen from previous news posts, Siwanad, one of our boys who had moved on to the older boys home passed away on the 17th November 2017. Siwanad was a young man with such a lovely nature that captured many people who met him through the years.

We have created a montage of his life’s better moments and moments that express his personality.

Thank you to the Portsmouth Military Wives Choir for specially singing the music for this video for Siwanad. Susie Fletcher, a member of this wonderful choir was a volunteer with us and Siwanad would often listen to a recording of this song sung by them. We would bounce on the ball in time and his eyes would twitch to it. When it stopped, he would always sigh. Thank you ladies for recording this at one of your rehearsals. We really appreciate this special kindness.

Siwanad loved music and when he was hospitalized, we would cuddle up and listen to a variety of things. Another favourite was the African Children’s Choir. When the women sang out the tribal call, he would twitch and get his goofy grin. These are some of the very many memories I’ll hold. I thank God for giving him that element of comfort from music.

Thank you for all who made an impact in his life, even if it was a small part. He appreciated everything done for him I’m sure.

Thank you to all for the comforting words and prayers in the time shortly after his passing. They were an invisible strength to us.

Please continue to pray for anyone who knew and loved him so that their hearts may be comforted.

Nicola Anderson


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  1. Such a sweet boy! Rest in Power!

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