Jill and Sally’s visit – busy first days

In recent months two new ladies have started volunteering, which makes three with Jessica, but with the Christmas and New Year break, it’s been hard to find dates to match up for them to come in.

After standing
Monday stretches
Miss N with Jill

This week with Sally and Jill, and also Jessica, Zuzi and Katja we were busy with all the children (bar Miss K, who was at the doctor’s) which meant we had more adults than children! This was great for those tasks that need extra hands or where support is required or where one person is needed to hold and another person to interact. I’ll introduce the two new volunteers soon. 

You can see everyone working hard…

Here are some examples of children working with two adults…

So the kids did varied activities with various people and then at lunch all went home to their houses or apartments while I went to Bangkok to see Miss K who was supposed to being seeing the physio there and collecting her brace, but neither were possible. She came back to Bann ff after a long day.

After work, Sally, Jill and I met up to go to a party: the birthday of Miss ND. I have been helping to coordinate services for her. She had her sixth birthday and invited us. This was a fun evening with many people who cared about her. It was a real cultural experience even though it was hard for both to sit for long. 

Tuesday was a full day at the ward. We played with the new balls we brought. Miss A, Mr B and Miss K all played a version of Kerplunk as well as individual activities.

Independent play is still important too…

Nicola Anderson.

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