Just another average week

This week the kids were really sweet on Monday and on through the week too. Playing well, working hard and, apart from a little Mr B blip, we did well, engaging with each other and joking and giggling. Mr S was keen to get in his electric wheelchair but understood he had to do some wrist wake up activities first, so was really engaged and happy when he got to be in the electric wheelchair. He was engaging with staff in the office, greeting them with Thai greetings and attempting to vocalize. He is playing his brain games really well too. He is really engaged and focused on tasks, especially when the electric wheelchair is the reward. 

Mr B has not worked out that any stroller walker is just fine to support him, even the real lightweight ones which turn direction easily. He has built the control. He is also now able to stand and stand still anywhere. Before he would need to hit a wall to stop.

He and Miss K played so sweetly at the table and she was so confident in her sitting control, she didn’t need support for quite some time. 

Mr C with his calm, patient nature often gets a rough deal with the others, when they play up and steal the attention. Thankfully, on Monday he was able to get some great straight leg sitting and playing time with me and be on the ball. Later in the week he had some great time in the stander. Please pray for his leg, as he has a skin infection which is dry and flaky. Mr C was on the ball on Wednesday with me and after we stood, his legs were calm enough to hold a standing position without help to place them so. I think this is due to his getting to stand in the stander regularly.  

Mr G did some really good leg stretching and was also better with his legs. Later in the week, he was also really content in free play time and had calmer legs when sitting. He did some strong sit to stand work on Wednesday with very little sway and jolting, just looking straight forward.

Miss N is continuing to cope well using her choice board and even loving positions that get her stretching muscles that are uncomfortable to stretch. Both the girls and Mr S are doing well this week, with controlled sitting posture were I can offer them less and less support. 

Mr B, Miss N and Miss K all had some water play fun on Wednesday, pouring water, catching ducks and splashing wildly. It all got flooded when Miss N took her anchoring arm out of the baby bath and Miss K pushed the bath water all over herself and me. Later Mr B got in head first and lay in the bath. At that point, the girls were done and got dried, dressed and had a pampering session with hair bows and moisturizing of skin.  

So I guess you could say I’m pleased with their successes this week and we still have Thursday and Friday. One prayer request is about Mr G, who does not propel himself in his walker much now. Pray that I can work this out and either use a different walker or work on the right muscles to get that skill back. Also pray about whether I should change Mr B to a 3-wheels walker or not. 

Nicola Anderson



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