Local charity visit in Thailand

Nicola Anderson reports on a recent visit to the orphanage from a group of ladies representing a local charity:

‘A local charity called NNR came to visit me at Bann feung fah on Wednesday afternoon to undertsand how they can help the children. The 1Step2Step children showed them around the different areas of the home with Mr. B leading the group.

He also showed off his treadmill walking and stair climbing too.


Mr S and Mr C showed how the swing bench works using their strollers/ wheelchairs.

We showed the visitors the physio block, the pool and the trampoline. These ladies were already keen to get to know the children and the children were eager to respond and welcome them, especially Mr G and Miss K.

One of the ladies said…’Very enlightening- thanks for your time today’

Another said… ‘Thank you for taking time to show us around and to meet your amazing kids! Keep us in the loop about the container, I really want to help you out with that.’

And finally, the last lady said…

‘Wonderful to meet your little guys – they are all so unique and have their own personalities. They are extremely fortunate to have you. Please continue your great work and let us at NNR know how we can best support you and the kids’

After their visit they had a board meeting to discuss the use of donated funds. They kindly felt able to fund all the eight request items to help Bann feung fah. from gel pads for pressure sores and medication to laminator and velcro for communication aids. We are thankful for their time and efforts to help in so many ways. I’m so glad they had a great visit.’

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